Perks Employees Actually Want

A competitive salary and healthcare aren’t always enough to attract the best candidate for your job. Sure, there are great starting point, but employees are growing more discerning and scrupulous about what’s actually being presented in that job offer. While good insurance and a matched 401(k) are a great place to start, think about some of the softer benefits of working at your organization, and don’t be afraid to broadcast them. Chances are your company already offers a few perks employees want.

Feeling Good About Where You Work

According to a 2018 study by Clutch, some of the most important qualities in a company aren’t benefits or incentives, but simply feeling good about where they work. In more specific terms, over half of those employees surveyed agreed that fair pay and fair treatment were the most valued asset a company could have. It’s not necessarily a secret that higher employee morale leads to better productivity. Ensuring your employees are taken care of both financially and emotionally will hopefully lead to a better office environment—and one they’ll want to tell their peers about.

Furthermore, Clutch discovered that treating employees fairly and maintaining high ethical standards were a higher priority for employees than a company’s profitability. While no one’s arguing that your organization shouldn’t strive for growth and greater profitability, recognizing that fair treatment and ethics also play a role is becoming more and more crucial.  

Ability to Maintain a Good Work-Life Balance

The way we work is changing. Younger generations of workers (Millennials, Gen Z) are eschewing the traditional 9-5 in favor of more flexibility and balance in their schedule. Allowing for flexible hours or even full-time remote workers makes your company that much more attractive to a changing workforce. 54% of the American workforce work remotely at least once a month. It’s more than a trend at this point and a perk employees are definitely looking for.  

The best part is, what’s good for the employee is also good for the employer. Sure, there’s the fact that you’ve improved workplace morale, but you’ve also dramatically broadened your hiring pool. You’re not tethered to one physical location if you go the remote work route. Furthermore, simply broadcasting a flexible work schedule might make applicants take a second look at your company.  

Perks that Set Your Company Apart

Every company has its own culture. Hopefully yours in one employees love. Think about the different things that make your organization stand out. A fridge full of beer? The ability to bring in your dog? Casual dress code? Whatever your office does a little differently, don’t be afraid to make it known. Employees want to feel like they work somewhere special. Something as simple as office parties and get-togethers can demonstrate your commitment to a good atmosphere. 

HR Services for Your Happy Humans

Now that you’ve decided what perks employees want out there, you probably need to get them paid. CTR Payroll solutions help make the process simple. Contact us for more information or view our full list of services.