Onboarding & the 2020 W4: Let CTR Help You!

Employee onboarding can feel like an absolute chore for both you and your new hire. All that paperwork and training and information gathering! Adding CTR’s Paperless Onboarding takes away all the stress for you and your employee, and helps them feel good about accepting your job offer!

Benefits of a Good Onboarding Process
  • Less Stress for you and your new hire
  •  Improved job performance
  •  Increased employee satisfaction
  • Better retention rates

CTR’s onboarding process provides a great user experience so your new employees breeze through the boring stuff and get to work quicker. Additionally, Onboarding allows you and your employees to:

  • Manage all of their documentation in one place, including I-9s and W-4s
  • Ensure all data is accurate and consistent
  • E-Verify important information right within the platform
  • Avoid the mess of paperwork and countless forms
  • Tackle the W-4 with the isolved Tax Wizard

When your organization adds isolved’s employee onboarding, you’ll also receive free access to the Tax Wizard. isolved’s Tax Updates Wizard in Employee Self Service can be used to allow employees to complete new federal, state and local withholding forms electronically. If you are not already using it, CTR can configure the Tax Updates Wizard workflow for your organization for FREE!

With the 2020 update to the W-4 form, it’s critical to make sure all of your new hires understand the information required for accurate reporting on any withholdings and other tax information. The isolved Tax Wizard helps your organization remain in compliance and walks employees through every step of the process to ensure every form is filled out accurately and completely. The Tax Wizard provides a series of easy-to-understand questions to help your employees make the best selections while completing the new form.

Benefits of the Tax Wizard
  • 100% confidential – Employees don’t have disclose their withholding information to employer Keeps your organization in compliance with the IRS
  • Automatically updates employee personnel file in isolved
  • Saves employers from giving tax advice, protecting you from liability
  • Free with isolved Employee Onboarding
Check out our recorded webinar of the Onboarding Process and Tax Wizard Here!

Ready for Easier Onboarding? Contact CTR!

Employee onboarding doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process for your organization or your new hire. CTR is here to help! isolved Employee Onboarding takes all of the guesswork out of the equation. 

For more information, contact Jason Simmons at 412.477.4613 or jason.simmons@ctrhcm.com.